Landyachtz manufactures high quality skateboards with unique designs.
People are too intimidated to learn how to board.
20-35 male and female
The “best of the best” have had
to fail many times to get to
where they are.
Inspired by Failure
Pro-skateboarders are awarded their very own Landyachtz 'Inspired by Failure' board when they lose.
Live feed of designers and illustrators designing boards based on real-time user stories of failure.
People can literally own their failures and buy the custom designed boards in-store and online.
Landyachtz's Voyage app combats the beginner boarder's worst fear: the skate park. 
Beginners can start their new journey right in their own neighborhood.
Users can get location-based routes based on the user's level of experience, and may sometimes have an exciting opportunity to skate with the best.

Every route has designated stops like inspiring murals and the best ramps, which have AR touchpoints that allows a new way of interacting with the current stop and unlocks the next.
Through AR, users can see what tricks they could do in that spot from the pros themselves.
Users can capture their entire journey right in the app, avoiding the fuss of switching to the camera. When a route is finished, all the relevant footage is compiled so users can easily share it.
Skateboarding is not exclusive. Everyone can learn it even if it takes a few tries.
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