Giverny, France is a small village known for inspiring many Impressionist artists including Claude Monet who lived, painted, and created his gardens there. 
People just come for Monet for only a few hours.
25-40 young professionals
Creating, viewing, and processing
art is a slow process.
Take Your Time
Digital screens stream a live video and audio feed of locations in Giverny, providing places of peace in busy, urban locations.
Monet moved to Giverny after seeing it from the window of his train. A subway takeover replicates this experience.
Print ads in the subway shows the famous paintings Monet painted of Giverny landscapes and short snippets of his life.
People get to paint and listen to live scenes from Giverny in busy locations in the city, reminding them of the value of making art and how Giverny is the place to be inspired and reinvigorated.
Participants get to take home fresh flowers from Giverny, which also prompts them to sign the painting they just painted online.
Every painting is a collaboration between many participants. Each painting is signed virtually and will be hung in a museum in Giverny. 
At home, people can access a 24/7 feed on social media of the sights and sounds of Giverny to relax and refresh.
Giverny is not just a place to visit, it's a place to reflect and be inspired.
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