We attach meaning to our belongings.
An old graphic tee could remind you of a road trip with friends, or blue jeans of high school dates. Your clothes could also remind you of pivotal moments.
Since 1948, Alpha Industries have been making jackets for the military. However, these jackets even now, have been worn to express
individualism and rebellion against the status quo. 
The Break the Uniform campaign is a unique fashion collaboration
with the most rebellious influencers of our time. The clothing pieces they create become a historical visual record of their groundbreaking beliefs.
Alpha Industries collaborates with a different kind of social influencer.
Four of the students behind the Never Again MSD and #enoughisenough movement:
Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Alfonso Calderon, and Jaclyn Corin.
Every leader receives an AI jacket with the task of customizing
it according to what they believe, feel, and do for the movement 
they are fighting for. The brand will not be mentioned
in any social posts or press where they wear the jacket.
This collaboration will extend to leaders of other social
movements who are seeking to create change. 
All of these customized jackets will be shown at a surprise exhibition. 10% of any sales revenue go back to support the causes.
After this event, this content carries on the communication of Alpha Industries' attitude and legacy.
Alpha Industries' history of uniformity and rebellion come together to establish its place as a legacy brand.
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